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09:06pm 07/08/2005
  Has anyone seen the new movie, Happy Endings? Surprisingly, it has Tom Arnold in it playing a serious role. I really recommend checking it out, I loved it!  
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New to the site 
10:18pm 08/10/2004
mood: awake
Hey joined this site...I was a fan of Roseanne from Day 1 till the end and even now i enjoy watching reruns of it. I was a fan of Darlene for sure but enjoyed Leon on the show.
I also joined this fan site because im from Texas
03:32am 04/10/2004

09:35pm 12/07/2004
  Hellooo. I just found 2 Roseanne communities, but I decided to join this one, since the other one has plenty of members already. :-) I really love Roseanne, and I do think that Becky is a bitch, but, I must admit, I do find myself warming up to her on occasion.

Quick question. How come David introduces himself as Kevin when everybody first meets him?
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Ogre Nite? 
03:08am 27/05/2004
  I AM excited about Roseanne being on 12 times between 6p-3a tonite but im not excited about the NICK@NITE Ogre marathon. Lame. Seriously... Thats just rude. Roseanne is not an ogre. Shes a bitch and I love her for it.

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03:21pm 22/02/2004
mood: accomplished
This is mainly a place for me to bitch about becky, Cause Shes a winey brat who doesnt deserve everything she gets. Anywho you can also talk about Roseanne and stuff, but yea...no rules unless things get out of hand, just....have fun
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